Who uses Firefly clips?

Firefly are in the business of protecting lives. For life.

Firefly cable clips flashing lightFire resistant, performance cables form part of the emergency and essential building service systems required to operate in the event of fire. Firefly leads the way with performance spring-loaded metal cable clips to support this.

Firefly cable clips is the original, easy to install and fully compliant fire safety cable clip range approved by engineers, installers and regulators. Choose Firefly, available through SWA Ltd distribution, to help protect property and save lives in a fire.

Healthcare managers, social housing landlords, telecom and datacom design professionals, and electrical trades understand the importance of protecting lives before the event. The cost otherwise is usually too high to bear both in human terms and in ownership of responsibility.

When selecting the correct cable management solution, they all know the right product addresses a multitude of performance criteria.

The aspects include fast and proper installation, ease of cable removal, superior ability to retain cables under the extremist of conditions and a robust solution that outperforms the life cycle of the cabling itself.

Firefly have a range of performance cable management clips which are non-plastic and fire resistant to very high temperatures for prolonged periods.

We also engineer bespoke cable management solutions for all kinds of industries. If you have a particular issue you need to resolve, please call 01453 844 333, or enquire here. We have non-plastic, fire resistant solutions for most cable handling.

And see here for our Bespoke Product Development of non-electrical components.

This is part of developing the next generation of products to meet the increasing expectations of life safety and property protection.

Firefly performance fire clips are widely available through over 2500 wholesale outlets in the UK, thanks to our distribution partners SWA Ltd. See here for fast emailing to region of your choice with our interactive UK Sales Map.