Fibre Optic metal cable clips?

Firefly Fibre Optic metal cable clipsThe practice of glueing fibre optic cabling to walls and ceilings will end on 1st January 2019. New government legislation to prevent cables from falling in the event of a fire and entangling fire service personnel and residents requires all cables to be supported by a metal fixing. Glue just won’t do the job. Neither will plastic clips or plastic fixings of any kind.


Firefly A5 External Clip Installation Guide


It’s called 18th Edition of wiring regulations BS7671 and it covers all of the following:

  • Fibre optic installations to support analogue and digital services
  • IP networks
  • CCTV schemes
  • Local authority LANs
  • WANs
  • Storage area networks
  • Disaster recovery schemes
  • Mission/safety critical industrial control systems

Any installations of fibre optic cabling from January 1st onwards must now use metal fixings.

Will Fibre Optic metal cable clips damage the cables?

Most will. However Firefly Fixings have a solution – the Firefly Push Grip Clip – especially designed for the job and now being supplied to a leading UK provider of broadband fibre. And soon to be available across the UK in 2 sizes to support 0.9mm and 2.0mm diameter cabling.

The Firefly Push Grip Clip is a design engineered, single component that is practically invisible when installed.

Here are its main features:

  • Single component in white finish steel
  • Soft fix to prevent damage to cables
  • Melting point of >1000degC
  • Installs in seconds using just finger or thumb pressure
  • Super-strong substrate grip
  • Non-wobble so stays tight
  • Optional fitting tool for tight corners


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18th Edition of wiring regulations BS7671


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