Firefly performance Cable Clips, for all overhead trunking, has been awarded eight Warrington Fire Certificates for their BS7671 A3 compliant range of clips. The Certificates represent a major coup for Firefly Fixings Ltd – their entire range of inside/outside trunking clips are now proven.

firefly clip in trunking smallFirefly Cable Clips are a unique, spring-loaded design which embed tighter into substructure as a fire takes hold, making the risk of overhead cables falling almost impossible. In the tests at Warrington in July using Prysium Plus fire alarm cable, the clips stayed in place as temperatures reached 970C for 120 minute duration.

This is different from other Warrington Fire Tests for overhead cable clips where only the cable itself is tested at 970C, not the integrity of the clips. Warrington tested the clips.

Managing Director Malcolm Broomfield says “We felt it important to our customers and to the UK Fire Services whose lives are put at risk by falling cables that we test the integrity of the clips. We wanted it proven they were 100% reliable at very high temperatures for a recommended period to allow unhindered entry and escape during fire governance”.

Firefly Cable Clips are manufactured and distributed by SWA in Gloucester. Sales 01453 844333.