Firefly Multi-Hold Clips for Temporary or Permanent Installations on Construction sites and along Heras Fencing

Firefly Multi-Hold Clips are a versatile and convenient solution for securing power air or water supply on construction sites and along fencing. The spring-loaded mechanism adds an extra layer of security and makes installation quick and easy. Their adaptability for various applications, especially in challenging spaces like voids, hidden spaces, and areas above drop ceilings, makes them a valuable resource for both construction and refurbishment projects.

Temporary / Permanent installation on any sites

The Firefly Multi-Hold Clip is perfect for temporary installations and the cost point could make them a “use and leave in place”, once used. Permanent installation is also possible for the life of building installations, and permanent fixture above ceiling tiles in the same way you would fix permanently to a wall, for example. Could replace basket and or tray in some circumstances so a really useful tool.

Multiple Use

Designed for fast and secure installation in all substrates  – on walls, ceilings, or from steel studding – along with a unique open and close feature that allows for easy addition or removal of cables in place, means Multi-Hold clips offer a high level of robust versatility and convenience.

Providing a long-awaited solution for fire-safe cable management above plastic drop ceilings

All of the Firefly multi-hold clips range are 100% compliant with BS 7671 and are high temperature resistant to + 1300degC ensuring the delay of cable collapse in the event of a fire. This advancement addresses a crucial, future-proof need in the industry and offers a reliable option for managing cables in such settings.

Fire-Safe Cable Management System

Multiple uses on busy building sites


Firefly MULTI-HOLD Clips Offer Combined Cable, Water and Air-line Management


  • Hold weight >25KG, each clip
  • Wall or ceiling fix, or under metal tray
  • Simple, wobble-free, ultimate screwtight safety
  • Melt point >1300°C
  • 100% BS7671:18th Edition compliant
  • Multiple use – cables, water pipes, air lines
  • Unique open and close feature – Cables can be added or removed easily and in situ
  • Fast, easy installation in concrete, steel and timber, with a studding option
  • Perfect for use in tower blocks and within voids
  • Can even replace narrow cable tray above plastic ceiling tiles, making cables fire-safe
  • For both temporary and permanent installations on construction sites and along Heras fencing

Wall and ceiling installation options in one clip



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Firefly Multi-Hold Clip 75 X 25mm – FFMHC75

Pack of 50 (packs of 10 available)

Price on application

Firefly Multi-Hold Multi-Use Clip 100 X 30mm – FFMHC100

Pack of 50 (packs of 10 available)

Price on application

STUDDING OPTION – Firefly Multi-Hold Clip 100 X 30mm – FFMHC100

Pack of 50 (packs of 10 available)

Price on application

Firefly Masonry Screws and Washers 4.7 X 37mm 

Pack of 100 – FFC-MS4737M

Price on application




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