Why a Definitive Document on overhead wiring safety?

BS7671:2008+A3:2015 was meant to save more lives by protecting our fire services and members of the public in the event of a fire. Sadly, there is too much confusion in the installation trades about Best Practice for the legislation to make any kind of impact.

In January 2017, Firefly Fixings Ltd commissioned an expert report on what is going wrong and how it must be fixed. Urgently.

The Document contains everything you need to know about the issues and how to be 100% compliant:

  • Why the changes to the regulations are necessary
  • How they affect the electrical installer
  • How firemen can and have been killed by entanglement
  • How others may be killed if we do not adopt the changes
  • How these regulations need to be enforced and monitored
  • How electrical installers are being let down by the groups they rely on for help
  • How and where to use the metal fixings
  • How to install them correctly
  • The need to consider those that come after you and add to the circuits
  • When to use plastic plugs with screws and when not to
  • What happens when you walk away from the installation?

The full document is published here. Simply download here our free PDF version for yourself or to share with colleagues.