Fast Fixing / Substrate

Firefly Cable Clips are designed to be installed quickly and easily saving a huge amount of time and therefore money for both new installations and retro-fits.  Just drill straight through the existing trunking and attach with recommended fixings in no time at all.

Timber Fixing

PLEASE NOTE: INSTALLATION INTO TIMBER – timber frame properties have a timber frame, all brick facade and all internal boards are fireboards with intumescent sealant. You can, of course, use our clips on wood in this situation but behind the fireboard to maintain the integrity of the installation.

Where the installer has NO CHOICE but to screw into timber, we recommend that the longest screws possible are used to keep cabling in place for as long as possible in the event of a fire.

Fireboard and Plasterboard Fixing

Where we say the clips should be used above fire board we know we are giving 30, 60 or 90 minutes protection depending on quality of the fireboard.  Above plasterboard 30 min minimum.


Following changes to BS7671:2015 Amendment 3, Plastic Trunking and Conduit can no longer be supported overhead with non-metal fixings. The legislation dates from July 1st 2015 and applies to all new installations from that date. No plastic fittings or other material which is not metal can be used.

Retro-fitting is an Option

However we are finding that landlords of large housing stock are not prepared to take the risk of future liability and instead are systematically retro-fitting Firefly Cable Clips to be sure. Whilst this may be seen as a costly project, the fact is that Firefly Cable Clips and Fixings are fast to install and cheap to purchase, in bulk, to give that extra peace of mind.

The alternative is to replace all plastic trunking and conduit with metal trunking and conduit.

Contact us

Please speak to David Banks-Fear at SWA Ltd if you have a large project that will require retro-fitting metal clips. Call 01453 844 333 and ask for him, or email and mark attention David Banks-Fear.