Amendment 3 of BS7671:2015 was introduced on recommendation of home secretary Eric Pickles under Coroner’s Rule 43 Aim to Prevent Deaths, following the deaths of firemen by entrapment, both in Southampton and Stevenage. It covers the replacement of inadequate Fuseboards but it also has a lesser known Clause covering the support of overhead wiring systems in the event of fire with metal clips.

However, reports from wholesalers on the low sale of these metal clips (all brands) suggest that electricians nationwide do not know this Clause.

The publication of Amendment 3 to the 17th Edition (BS7671:2015) Wiring Regulations states that after 1st July 2015 “Wiring systems in escape routes shall be supported in such a way that they will not be liable to premature collapse in the event of fire.” In other words by using fire-resistant metal supports for trunking and conduit.

The questions then have to be asked, who is signing off new installations where overhead cabling is still being supported by plastic fixings? Who is policing electricians to make sure they are compliant? And surely our Fire Services deserve better than this?

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