Spring loaded for unique performance

Firefly fire clip in plastic trunkingSpring-loaded fire clips? Firefly trunking clips are uniquely spring-loaded to dig in tighter to substructure as plastic trunking melts around them. That’s a massive advantage over all other fire clips.

They can also be opened and closed with ease many times to allow varying cable permutations.
And they can be fixed in seconds.


Spring-loaded fire clips – digging in for tougher grip

Firefly trunking clips have a shape that includes what is known as initial tension, so that in the event of fire the clips will close further to take up space created by the melting of the plastic trunking.

High resistance to heat and temperature

Spring steel is used because it has a high resistance to heat and temperature and because the clips are designed in a unique shape, the spring steel causes the clip to default to the closed safe support position. They do not require bending and closing. Firefly fire clips do this automatically.

Firefly Warrington fire tests

Exova-Warrington-Fire-300x300Exova Warrington were asked to test the integrity of the Firefly CLIPS for eight clips in our trunking range. We are thrilled at the result which was predicted, but nice to have our range proven in extreme conditions. We can now PROVE they are performance clips. Our tests were unique – we call them the Firefly Warrington Fire Tests.

No sharp edges

Firefly trunking clips are manufactured in round section spring steel wire. Round section means that there are no sharp edges that could damage the insulation on cables.

Fitting cables is so simple

The high-tensile spring steel wire makes fitting cables so simple. Just pull the individual sides of the clip back and put the cable in place. Then simply release the side of the clip which will automatically return to the closed secure position. The clips can be re-used over and over without detriment.

Fast-fit installation

Support Clips are held in place by metal screws and washers. Hard metal concrete self-tapping screws should be used. The screws self-tap into concrete and brick substrate without the need of plastic plugs. Plastic plugs cannot be used as they will melt. Full installation guide here.

Long life initial tension

Supporting cables is a static function – the clips are just held in place and remain in a static stationary condition. Therefore, the life expectancy of the clips is expected to be longer than that of the cable they support. The initial tension – spring-loaded – functionality will also outlive the cabling.